Waterproof Installation

Currently, Aeratis is the only product that is approved and warranted for use in a waterproof installation. Aeratis will warranty the product will perform as outlined on this website and all marketing material. We cannot warrant that your project will be 100% waterproof because we cannot warrant the craftsmanship of the contractor who does the work. Please keep in mind, to ensure that you are able to have a successful waterproof installation, it is very important for you to follow the recommendations for the water proof installation.  Below are a couple of reminders for the most critical aspects for creating a successful waterproof installation.

  1. Make sure the framing and substrate are sloped at a rate no less than 1/4″ per foot.
  2. Make sure your membrane will gasket the fasteners that penetrate it.
  3. Never try to float a frame or system over a membrane. The pressure treated wood will warp and become unsightly.
  4. You must fasten Aeratis to an acceptable substrate. Please know, plywood is not an acceptable substrate. Either use a sleeper or you must fasten to the joist system through the plywood and membrane (3″ screws should be used if you are not using sleepers). The sleepers can be 3/4″, 5/4″ or 1-1/2″ or as thick as you would like. Keep in mind, if you use a sleeper less than 7/16″ your screws could penetrate the membrane.
  5. Make sure the membrane turns up the wall far enough to stop water from getting behind the membrane.
  6. Run your boards the direction you would like for the water to flow. Try not to ever install Aeratis on a waterproof structure with the boards running parallel. This will slow down the water runoff.
  7. Make sure you do not have any low spots in your framing or plywood sub-floor. This can cause puddles and lead to leaking.
  8. Never leave any gaps or intentionally gap your Aeratis boards.
  9. Make sure you run the membrane up any columns or post and then hide the membrane with a base or trim.
  10. Use stainless steel fasteners.

*All products listed within the waterproof section of the Aeratis installation instructions have been tested to qualify for our recommendation. Deviation from our recommended products and/or utilizing products outside of those listed may result in the project falling short of meeting the requirements for a waterproof application resulting in it’s failure to meet the minimum standards to maintain the Aeratis product performance warranty.

Please review the complete waterproof instillation instructions here.