August & September Aeratis Rebate Program

For the month of August and September 2022, Aeraits will be offering $2.00 dollars per board rebate to all contractors who purchase and install and Aeratis Project. This will include the Heritage line, Traditions line, and the Legacy line of product. Also included in this rebate the the Universal Porch Plank and the Aeratis Stair-Tread products. Rebater Program starts August 2, 2022 and ends September 30th 2022.

Rebate Program for 2022 has Expired. Please check back with us later for our next rebate offer. 





PorchPro Contractor Program

Coming Soon


Today the demand is greater than it has every been for homes, condo’s and commercial property to have a porch vs just an open deck. With this demand there are several challenges. The main challenges are, porches typically have little to no ventilation, porches are very high use and typically higher maintenance, people do not want to put a deck board with gaps on there porch so what is the solution? The solution is simple but not always very easy and it is education and communication.  As more and more people demand a porch or 3 season room on their house and fewer and fewer materials are engineered to survive in the application it takes a greater effort to education and communicate the right products and the right solution for each project.

Through a joint effort of communication and eduction we feel strongly that our loyal PorchPros should reap the benefits of our loyalty. Everyday consumers, General Contractors, Architects and commercial property owners contact us and ask for an installation quote. As a manufacturer not only do we not sell direct, we cannot quote installation costs. We need loyal, qualified and educated installers to be able to satisfy this need. With our PorchPro Program, leads are passed on to you within your defined travel area for you to quote the installation and material. The Aeratis products can be purchased at your favorite lumber yard or home improvement center. In addition to providing sales leads, we offer a complete solution of marketing tools to help you grow your business. These tools range from custom door hangers, to 30 second radio spot that you add your company information at the end to drive the local business to you.

Not all porch installation are the same. None are easy and it seems that projects always get bigger than you expected. We offer complete an online and phone support help line so you can tackle the unforeseeable issues. We even offer a way for you to upload your drawings for review.

One of the biggest bonuses you will receive for being a PorchPro is the extension of your customers warranty. If you install an Aeratis porch you can secure a 30 year warranty for your homeowner. This shows trust in your ability and will help you secure jobs over your competitors. This will also help you win jobs when you have to bid against others that are not PorchPros or the Do-it-yourselfer that is on the fence over having you do it or doing it themselves.

With our rewards program coming soon, you can earn and redeem points for installing Aeratis.