Aeratis Traditions

Charleston GreenAeratis Traditions tongue and groove porch flooring/ porch decking is a paint ready wood replacement product. Competitively priced compared to wood at the time of install, Aeratis Traditions T&G porch flooring offers an unsurpassed warranty, endless design capabilities, significantly lower maintenance than wood and an appearance that not even the most discerning historic official could tell it is not a wood porch when your project is complete.

Simply said, “Only a rich man can afford to install a wood porch floor today”. This saying has a lot of truth. Not only is the life cycle of pine and fir significantly shorter than it was in years past, many consumers forget the actual annual cost of maintenance.  On average many porch owners pay between $4-$9 per square foot annually on maintenance and upkeep.

Aeratis Traditions is an uncolored, paint-ready board that is designed specifically to replace wood tongue and groove products. Traditions can be painted or stained in any color.  Unlike the Legacy or Heritage line which can also be painted, Traditions flooring requires paint or stain to maintain the warranty.

Aeratis Traditions T&G Porch Flooring Dimensions


Lengths: 12′, 16′, or 20′
Width: 3-1/8″ (3.092)
Thickness: 7/8″


Aeratis Traditions 5-A Paint Adhesion

A 3 year comparison of wood (top) and Aeratis Traditions (bottom).

A 3 year comparison of wood (top) and Aeratis Traditions (bottom).

When painted, Aeratis Traditions maintains a 5-A paint adhesion, the strongest paint adhesion in the industry (no priming needed).  This means that you can enjoy the same low maintenance porch that matches the look and feel of your home in a color that’s right for you, with a Lifetime Limited warranty.  Most Traditions porches will hold paint significantly longer than its wood competitor at a comparable price.

Once Aeratis is painted, it is hard to tell it is not an authentic wood porch. We engineered Traditions to be used on new and historic homes without being able to tell it is not a real wood porch.  Review the two porch floors below. See if you can tell which porch has a wood floor and which porch has a Traditions porch floor. Take into consideration, both porch floors are on historic homes and both were 3 years old at the time of the photo.

Compare the two porches side by side and decide how you would like your painted porch to look after 3 years. The best benefit of Aeratis Traditions is, it is competitively priced to wood at the time of install. On top of a competitive price, you get the paint for FREE (see paint rebate under resources on the right-hand side of this page) and a 20-year warranty.

Painting Traditions is not like painting wood. When painted wood gets wet and the bond between the wood and the paint is broken. When using the recommended paints, it creates a chemical bond to the surface. Aeratis Traditions can now provide you with the color you want without the maintenance of wood.

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Trim and Accessories
To compliment the entire line of porch flooring products, there is a full line of trim in matching colors. View Details.


Trim Styles

  • Chamfer
  • Half-round
  • Quarter-round