The Aeratis Universal Porch Plank, or UPP, is a 5-1/2” x 7/8” x 12’ PVC plank specifically engineered to be used in conjunction with all of the Aeratis porch planks or as a standalone product. The Universal Porch Plank comes in Battleship Gray, Vintage Slate, Weathered Wood, and our proprietary paint ready formula.

One corner of the board has the unique feature of a pre-finished rounded edge, while the other three edges are 90-degree corners, offering more versatility in your designs. The pre-finished bullnose provides the finishing touch for the lead edge of stairs or a seamless picture frame. If the pre-finished bull nosed edge is not desired, just flip the board over for a square-edge look.


For stair applications, make sure the bullnose is facing out on the lead edge of the stairs. On the inside board that touches the riser, make sure the bull nose is facing down and to the rear of the stair riser. This will provide the appearance of a T&G surface, while providing a very small gap that will allow water to escape.


Paint Ready Universal Porch Plank

Paint Ready Universal Porch Plank

The Universal Porch Plank comes in our proprietary paint ready product as well.  The Aeratis Traditions paint-ready Universal Porch Plank is perfect for picture framing your Traditions installation, for use on stairs, or even as a standalone wide-plank porch application. Follow the same painting instructions as the porch planks.


Technical Drawing of the Aeratis Universal Porch Plank

Universial Porch Plank

Universal Porch Plank Drawing