Additional Products

Materials needed or suggested for use with Aeratis flooring & ceiling: 

Color Match Caulk

OSI brand


Stainless steel recommended 

Color Match Screws

By Starborn Industries

Hole Fillers

Blend Stick by Plastic Wood

Glue for Butt Joints and Trim

Oatey Heavy Duty (required)


Aeratis trim options

  Aeratis is the ONLY waterproof solution.

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One feature that makes Aeratis products unique over all other competitors in the exterior living space category is their performance in both waterproof and watertight applications.

Price is a hurdle? Don’t sell wood.

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At the end of the day, price does matter. Most consumers, contractors and sales people instantly assume wood is the best choice when there are budget restrictions. With Aeratis Traditions, THERE IS NO NEED TO EVER SELL WOOD AGAIN to someone with a limited budget.