At the end of the day, price does matter. Some projects don’t have the budget for a superior performing, color-through product like Aeratis Heritage or Classic. These products offer huge benefits to the end user, reducing maintenance to merely sweeping or moping. For products that are color fast and that reduce maintenance to this level, they can appear pricing if you are working with a limited budget.

Most consumers, contractors and sales people instantly assume wood is the best choice when there are budget restrictions. With Aeratis Traditions, THERE IS NO NEED TO EVER SELL WOOD AGAIN to someone with a limited budget.

Lets look at what wood really costs the end user. Lets say you buy Douglas Fir for $1.65 per linear foot (VG FIR Greenville New York: GNC Lumber) random lengths to install on your home. After you purchase this wood board you can’t just install it. If you do, you will be replacing it next year. First you have to prime and paint all 6 sides with a good oil based paint. This will take no less than 3 days and cost $.60 per liner foot for labor and materials. Once the boards are dry, you can install them with a flooring nailer and then paint the surface. It is best practice to paint the lead edge while installing each board, but this is seldom done. Finishing the porch surface with the final coat should cost about $.07 per linear foot, so the grand total price tag for installing a WOOD porch floor, costs $2.32 per linear foot and there is NO WARRANTY of ANY KIND. If this wood buckles rots or cups tomorrow you are out money.

Now lets take a look at Aeratis Traditions Paint Ready PVC porch flooring. The national retail average is $2.50 plf. You install the porch flooring boards with a pneumatic nailer. You clean the surface with acetone and then paint the surface of the boards. Painting of the surface of the boards is roughly the same as your finish coat on Fir, $.07 per linear foot. If you send us a copy of the invoice and the rebate form we will provide the paint for free in the form of a rebate. So, all in all you have the Aeratis Traditions porch installed at $2.57 per linear foot. The best part of this is, you get the industry’s best warranty and a better price than wood.

So, on a side by side comparison between AERATIS Traditions and a quality wood product, Aeratis offers a greater value at a much better price point.

Installation time of T&G wood and Aeratis was not included in this comparison. The cost would again be a little cheaper with Aeratis Traditions because the tolerance is much tighter on the Aeratis T&G boards and the boards fit together faster and easier than wood T&G boards (no beating the boards together is necessary).