Aeratis Trim Options


There is no better way to dress up the ends of your T&G porch planks or to cover where boards meet vertical surfaces than to use one of our trim pieces. The Aeratis trim pieces are solid extruded PVC with the DuraTech acrylic based cap,  giving you the peace of mind knowing that they are not cellular PVC.  All of our trim pieces come in 8′ lengths. If you are looking to paint or stain the trim pieces, simply follow the paint instructions under the resource’s menu on the right-hand side.

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Installation Instructions
Additional Materials Needed for Installing Trim

Oatey_Heavy_Duty_GlueWhen installing trim we recommend using a trim head screw every two feet in addition to the Christy’s Red Hot White Vinyl Adhesive or Oatey Heavy Duty Clear PVC Cement. If the right adhesive is used and the trim head screws are used, the trim pieces can be used in almost ALL applications.

Recommended:   Oatey Heavy Duty Clear PVC Cement
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