Wood Rots

Tongue & Groove Wood Porch After 7 Years

Today’s wood porches rot. When homes were built back before 1900, the majority of the timbers used for porch flooring were cut from old world growth. This means that the trees were grown to a ripe old age before being cut and milled.

This type growth allowed the wood timbers to be much more dense than the young, quick cut timber we have available on the market today.  In an effort to make more profit in less time, mills today harvest wood that is far less dense and rush it from the forest to the lumber yard. Lumber has an important part in today’s building industry. On the porch, as a floor, is just not one of them.

Aeratis Can Never Rot, Split, Chip, Cup, Bow or Expand

Aeratis Can Never Rot, Split, Chip, Cup, Bow or Expand

The porch floor poses a unique challenge to whatever material is used on it.  It’s an area with very little ventilation, where hot air and sun bake the surface in the summer while significantly cooler air is trapped underneath the floor.  The opposite holds true in the wintertime.

This dramatic swing in temperatures, combined with moisture collecting on the underside and humidity up above causes inferior products to bow, cup and even split.  The expansion alone, of other synthetics, has caused massive recalls nationwide.

The strength and durability of Aeratis is proven to be far superior to all other options on the market.  See our third party test results and our MSDS to learn why Aeratis has been the product of choice for porches on commercial, government and public projects nationwide.