Aeratis Legacy is a 6” wide T&G porch plank. This board was engineered to match the wider planks used on many porches in the early

Aeratis Legacy 6″ T&G

1800’s. The wider plank not only cuts the installation time in half, it provides a richness and beauty that could only be found on historic homes crafted before the 1900’s. The Aeratis Legacy product comes in 3 colors: Battleship Gray, Weathered Wood and Vintage Slate. The actual dimensions of the board are 6” wide, 7/8” thick and comes in 12’, 16’ and 20’ lengths.

When considering the overall value and aesthetics of a porch, many property owners consider using a radius edge deck board in a porch application. This can cause a few issues on top of the fact that, aesthetically, a deck board with gaps should never be used in a porch application. One of the issues with there being gaps between the boards is it allows moisture to pass in-between the boards. This can lead to moisture problems underneath the entire structure. In addition, the lack of ventilation underneath a porch and direct sun on the surface can cause many deck boards to swell and buckle.

All too often property owners look at the cost per square foot of a deck board and compare it to a 3-1/8” wide tongue and groove board and they choose to use the deck board due to cost savings. With the introduction of the Aeratis Legacy product, and it’s built in hidden fastener system property owners can receive the cost savings from installation as well as a more competitive cost per square foot. Couple these two items with the known performance characteristics and Aeratis Legacy becomes the clear choice when considering which product to use on exterior living space.