DuraTech® Capping Technology is the result of 5 years of research and development with a focus on form and function. This revolutionary acrylic based cap is color matched with the core, making the cap virtually invisible. The DuraTech® cap’s surface rivals all available options in both hardness and slip resistance.  In addition to a harder and more slip resistant surface, the color retention is second to none and is backed by Aeratis’ Limited Lifetime warranty.

Color Consistency- depending on the look to be accomplished for the exterior living space, many property owners considered color consistency to be mission critical. With the Aeratis DuraTech capping technology not only is the product consistent from board to board, it is color consistent from year to year and across multiple batches and runs. If you project demands the appearance of a painted front porch with just enough of a wood grain showing through so that it does not give away the fact that the surface is a virtually maintenance free PVC product with an acrylic cap, Aeratis Heritage and Legacy are the perfect products for your exterior living space.

Slip Resistant – Being on the go is a part of life in today’s busy world. Whether it is a party with a 100 guests or serving lunch to the family on a lazy Sunday afternoon, life causes us to move constantly. When you are on the go on your porch or balcony, the last thing anyone wants to think about is slipping and falling especially just after a rain or in the morning after the dew has fallen. With Aeratis’ revolutionary DuraTech capping technology, you will experience surface hardness like no other wood or synthetic product coupled with the most slip resistant surface on the market.

Color Retention / Fade Resistant – When designing the perfect exterior living space, the look, feel and color pallet should stay beautiful for may years to come. it is critical to the designed space that all the colors not only match the first time it is used, they should all match for as long as the design style stays popular. With all of this in mind, Aeratis engineer the most color-fast and fade resistant acrylic based capping system in the industry. This cap with not only endure the normal wear-n-tear of every day use, it will withstand the harshest of direct UV exposure. With Aeratis’ DuraTech capping technology you have the peace of mind knowing your special space will not only match the rest of your home but will stay the same color and be consistent for many, many years to come.

 Double Sided- Every porch plank made by Aeratis is double sided. Whether the project calls for exposed joist or the customer is unforgiving on dings and nicks from transportation damage. Aeraits has engineered a product that offers options. If one side of an Aeratis board has transportation damage, simply flip the board over exposing the other side prior to installation.  If the project calls for the underside of the porch to be exposed, you can rest at ease knowing that the bottom of your porch floor or your ceiling in this case will be perfect for the life of your porch.

Scuff and Stain Resistant – Acrylic surfaces are some of the hardest surfaces used today. We see acrylic used in high traffic / high use areas everywhere. When engineering the DuraCap technology, use and appearance was our highest priority. With the advancement in this technology, Aeratis is not 10X more stain and scuff resistant. As scuff, scratch and stain resistant as we have engineered Aeratis Heritage and Legacy to be, it is not perfect. There are chemicals that can melt the surface and even concrete can be scratched by heavy metal chairs. We have engineered the surface to help reduce the effect of the accidents. You will still need to keep bug spays, tanning oils, Goof-Off and other harsh chemicals that melt plastic away from the surface of your Aeratis porch.

Authentic Appearance – For well over a decade, Aeratis has been known for providing the highest performing products for exterior living space. However, the vast majority of Architects, Builders, and property owners, who have selected Aeratis for their projects have stated they chose it because of the authentic appearance compared to wood. Aeratis has been approved for use in almost every state for National Register and Historic Places replacement due to the likeness to the wood products it is meant to replace. Keep your friends and family guessing how you keep your exterior living space so clean and looking so new. Remember, you don’t have to tell them it is not wood.

Changing Colors Down the Road – Despite being color fast and color consistent, we understand that sometimes you can change your mind about what color looks the best on your project. We also understand that over time, some people like new colors and like to explore new looks. For this reason, we have engineered ALL Aeratis product to be able to be painted or stained.