Convert your deck to a porch and extend the use by 3 months.

  1. Semi-climate controlled
  2. Keep the bugs away
  3. Becomes a usable living space not just a platform for the grille
  4. Enhance the value of your home

Be honest with yourself for just a moment… How many months of the year is your deck really usable? We aren’t talking about using it as a platform for your grille, we are talking about really using your deck for breakfast, dinner, entertainment, or a romantic evening cuddling up, sharing time.

No matter what part of the country you live in (outside of Southern California), the extreme high and low temperatures render your deck unusable during the peaks of summer and winter. By converting your deck to a porch, not only can you extend the use by over 3 months, you can convert your “grilling platform” into a real, usable exterior living space. With this conversion, you can add ceiling fans, heaters or an exterior fireplace. This will help you breeze through the hotter months and give you a great place to curl up with a book in the cooler months or rainy days.

Weather is not the only deterrent from spending more time on your deck. As vital as insects are to our eco-system, they can often be an annoyance when trying to enjoy the outdoors. With an open-air deck, mosquitoes, wasps, bees, flies and gnats have full run of your deck, table and skin. By converting your deck to a screened-in porch, you can now enjoy every meal without hearing a buzz in your ear or wondering where that fly had previously landed before it was on your hamburger. You can stop at the screen on your deck conversion. If you just add a screen you will create a bug trap. You have to seal up the gaps in the floor. You cannot install composite decking or wood deck boards without gapping them. It will create a real mess of your floor. This is why Aeratis is the perfect choice for your exterior living space.

But converting your space doesn’t just keep the rain and sun off of your head. It will make you feel warm and fuzzy when you realize that exterior living space and a porch is the #1 most desired exterior feature on a home. So, converting your deck will not just improve the quality of your life, it will enhance the value of your home. Request a deck conversion today from one of our Porch Pros and start enjoying your exterior living space.