Across the country, many homeowners are turning to synthetics to take the place of wood porches and decks. The vast majority of these exterior living spaces are directly adjacent to the house. More often than not, the exterior walls near and around the porches and decks have windows and doors with low-E glass.

For a complete understanding of how low-E glass works, this link can provide a little background.

Across the spectrum of products used in exterior porch flooring or decking, almost every company warns about the damage or thermal issues that can be caused from the sun being reflected off of low-E glass and onto the deck or floor.  Other synthetic products used cannot stand up to the thermal heat load provided by the reflection of the glass. Most cellular PVC product companies will not warrant their own product if it is installed within 30 inches of low-E glass.

If Aeratis is fastened correctly and installed using the best practice installation method, the reflection off of the low-E glass should not change the structural integrity of the product. Before you install any products, check the installation guide and review the recommendation and restrictions surrounding low-E glass.