Aeratis Approved by The Vieux Carré Comission

815_DecaturNew Orleans French Quarter – There is nothing more distinctly New Orleans, than the French Quarter. Within the French Quarter the most iconic feature by far are the balconies and hand-rails. These areas are not just aesthetic they are functional. Crowds gather to watch parades, spend time with friends and family or entertain guests.

Today, the icon within the French Quarter is facing some major challenges. The vast majority of the balconies throughout the French Quarter are uncovered and exposed to weather. This poses a particular challenge to T&G wood products. As of 2014, ALL T&G wood products used had to be covered and not exposed to direct weather.  Exposure to direct weather accelerates the rot or fungal decay of the T&G wood products that are so prominent throughout the French Quarter. Until February of 2017 the property owners in the French quarter have been left without a permanent solution.

In January of 2016, Aeratis was used on several test projects in the French Quarter. The purpose was to see how the Aeratis would hold up under the harsh climate and heavy use of the deep south. However, almost 8 years earlier, Aeratis was installed on The Oak Alley Plantation. Oak Alley is on the National Register of Historic Places. After 8 years and 7.5 million visitors walking, dancing, dining and

Buckling Wood T&G Balcony in the French Quarter.

Buckling Wood T&G Balcony in the French Quarter.

shooting movies, the owners of Oak Alley have decided to tear out all wood porch flooring and use Aeratis EXCLUSIVELY throughout the property.

In February 2017 The Vieux Carré Commission approved the use of Aeratis within the French Quarter on a limited bases. Property owners will still have to submit a request and follow the same process that has already been in place. The GREAT new is, you can now use a product that was engineered to be historically accurate and should last for more than 200 years.  By spending less on your balconies and porch flooring, property owners will be able to focus their resources on other areas to help beautify their French Quarter homes.

Before and After French Quarter Project


This is how KDAT T&G pine looked on the Conti Street project before Aeratis was installed.

Aeratis Battleship Gray

This is how the Conti Street project looked after T&G pine was replaced with Aeratis.

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