Watertight Installation

Water-tight installation is slightly different than a waterproof installation. The Aeratis approved waterproof installation requires the use of a peel-n-stick membrane that will gasket the fasteners when the fasteners penetrate the membrane. Typically, the membrane is adhered to plywood and the plywood is fastened to the joist system.

With a water-tight instillation, you simply fasten the Aeratis boards to the joist system with no less than a 1/4″ per foot slope and you apply a clear 100% silicone in the groove just prior to pushing to boards together and fastening the boards to the joist (for Traditions, use a paint-able siliconized caulk). Please know, the amount of or the lack of water that comes through the boards is 100% based on the quality of the craftsmanship of the installer. If an area of the groove is missed or if the caulk is applied too thinly, this will create a breach in the silicone gasket and water can find it’s way through the breach.  It is always best practice to use too much caulk and clean up any overages than to not use enough an have a leaking porch.

PLEASE NOTE: This instillation is not recommended if there is living space under the porch. If there is drywall, electrical systems, audio systems or anything under that porch that absolutely cannot get wet from dripping water, it is best to use the waterproof installation instructions.

Download Aeratis Water-Tight Installation Guide Below.