Which Aeratis Product is Right for Your Project?

Traditions Porch Flooring

Aeratis Traditions is a paint-ready tongue and groove PVC porch plank. Traditions is competitively priced compared to wood at the time of install and, if the paint instructions are followed, the repaint cycle is every 7-10 years in high traffic areas.


Custom Operable Shutters

Aeratis Custom Shutter are historically accurate and can be ordered in the box ready to cut and assemble, pre-assembled a custom size, or completely finished and ready to install. FREE hardware included with each pair of shutters.


Heritage  Porch Flooring

Aeratis Heritage is a double-sided T&G porch board and comes in 3 color-through options. Aeratis Heritage, like all other Aeratis products, is warrantied against expansion and contraction.


Product Details

Never before has a product been engineered to be historically accurate, have the appearance and richness of wood, and out-perform every product in its category. Additionally, Aeratis is the only manufacturer that offers a warranty to cover fading, manufacture defect, and thermal expansion and contraction. Consider how essential that is in today’s environment. Many products on the market require gaps between each board and the size of the gapping typically varies depending on how close to the ground or the temperature at the time of installation. NOT WITH AERATIS. The installation method is the same regardless of temperature. Add to this the beauty achieved with a finished outside floor with no gaps.

  • Aeratis Heritage – A double sided, a color-through 3-1/8” wide porch plank that comes in 12’, 16’ & 20’ lengths. Guaranteed to never buckle, cup or warp for the life of your porch. Request a quote today.
  • Aeratis Traditions – A double sided, non-colored porch plank that is meant to be painted which is also 3-1/8” wide and comes in 12’, 16’ & 20’ lengths. Paint the surface once and the repaint cycle is every 7-10 years.  The paint is free in the form of a rebate. Guaranteed to never buckle, cup or warp for the life of your porch. Request a quote for the greatest value porch solution on the market today.
  • Aeratis Legacy – A double sided, color-through true 6” wide plank that helps reduce the cost per square foot, reduces installation time, and provides a historic wide plank look without the gaps between each board. Aeratis Legacy creates a finished floor look for your exterior living space. Legacy comes in 12’, 16’ & 20’ lengths. Request a quote for your exterior living space today.
  • Aeratis Custom Operable Shutters – If you have a porch, most likely there are shutters on the front of the structure. Aeratis offers historically accurate, operable shutters that can be ordered ready to assemble in a box, assembled specifically for your window, and ready to paint OR completely finished. No matter how you would like your shutters delivered, they will arrive at a fraction of the cost of wood shutters and will be backed by a lifetime-limited warranty and FREE STAINLESS-STEEL HARDWARE. Request a quote for your project today.