Porch flooring made of PVC is now widely used as the safe, low-maintenance replacement for high maintenance wooden porch flooring.


Now that spring is finally here many homeowners will be venturing outside to take a closer look at the exterior of their homes, to see how they weathered the winter.

“Spring is the time to create or enhance your exterior living space.” says Chris Tidwell, Vice President of Building Products International makers of Aeratis PVC porch flooring. Your porch remodeling or facelift should start from the floor up. “Over the winter and the life or your porch floor, wooden porch flooring can, warp, split, crack, rot or become weakened through several freeze thaw cycles. Worrying about repairs to your flooring and paint chips does not create a relaxing environment.” says Tidwell

Homeowners often find their wooden porch floors in need of additional costly sealing or labor intensive repairs, like scraping, sanding and painting, replacing floor boards and stair tread replacement. In lieu of this, they may in fact, decide that it’s time for a whole new porch floor. After all, why replace weather or insect damaged wood boards with more wood boards that may eventually split, crack, cup, warp, or rot and you have to keep up a high level of maintenance each year? By replacing higher maintenance materials with Aeratis, you can reduce your time spent scraping and sanding and spend more time enjoying your porch, Not to mention, Aeratis carries a Class “A” fire rating and allows you to entertain, grille and completely enjoy your porch with less concern.” Tidwell explained.

Tidwell suggests that homeowners can all but eliminate annual upkeep and significantly reduce the stress from worrying about maintenance by replacing the old wooden porch boards with new PVC tongue & groove porch flooring. But again, he says…. “There are a few porch flooring products out there to choose from. Do the research to find the one that best meets your needs.”

In choosing new covered or uncovered porch flooring, homeowners should consider more than just aesthetics. Installation, durability, safety and fire rating are all important considerations.

“Not all PVC or composite porch floor products are alike, and not all offer the advantages of this new generation of Aeratis PVC porch flooring. That’s because Aeratis uses the latest PVC-composite technology to provide a beautiful product with performance ratings far superior to wood and all other composite materials. It looks like wood and installs like wood, but performs better than wood or other composites on the market,” he said. “In addition, Aeratis PVC porch flooring carries a CLASS “A” fire rating, an important consideration for any application.”