Restoration and Remodeling

Installing Aeratis in a remodeling or restoration application is really a snap.

First: Make sure to replace any questionable joists or rotting wood. You want to make sure all of your framing is brought up to local building codes (16″ OC) with the proper slope away from the house. Make sure your framing follows good lines.  IMPORTANT: Aeratis will follow your framing closely, so any low spots or high spots may show depending on the severity of the imperfection in the framing.

Second: Remove protective film and inspect each board prior to installation.

Next: Fasten Aeratis to the joist with either a pneumatic nailer, pneumatic flooring stapler or screw gun.  If you are using a nailer, use stainless steel L or T head nails. If you are using flooring stapler, use 2″  1/2″crown 15 1/2 gauge  stainless steel flooring staples and if you are using screws, use GRK #8 x 2″ stainless steel or coated trim-head composite screws.

Finally: Finish off your porch with trim pieces.

Please read complete installation instructions before installing Aeratis.

Please see our Porch Pro website for tips and suggestions that will help you save time and money.