Installing over a Concrete Slab

Aeratis can be installed over concrete to and can convert a cracked concrete mess into a beautiful traditional front porch. If you do not have the space under the door to add a sleeper system, review the direct to concrete installation instructions under the resources tab on the right hand side.

Installing over concrete is much like installing over a joist system. First, before you begin, read the installation instructions completely. Aeratis is installed with the same installation method as wood, but there are key items that will help reduce headaches and maintenance in the years to come.


First: Measure the height of your threshold. This will determine the height of your cross sleeper system.

Second: Anchor the 2×4′s directly to the concrete slab or through the rubber membrane covering the slab 16″ OC.

Finally: Fasten Aeratis to the 2×4 sleepers as if they were a floor joist.

Make a note to add vents. This will help any moisture escape and will help keep your 2×4′s dry. This is not required for installing over concrete. Also know, if you fasten Aeratis directly to a concrete surface it will not feel under foot the same as a traditional porch floor. It will feel more like concrete with the appearance of a traditional porch floor.

Please note: Aeratis can be fastened directly to a structurally sound concrete pad.

See full direct to concrete installation instructions under the resources section on the right hand side of the page.