Aeratis Ogee

The Aeratis Ogee has been reduced from an inventory item to a special order item only. This will begin January 2014. In January 2015, the Ogee will be completely discontinued. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Pulling the thread of his idea. You have an idea? A pitch? It’s time to release your imagination and develop your subject. Visit see this and find out my favorite exercise! For that, I like the image of the thread on which one will draw to bring to itself questions and answers which will allow, little by little, to develop a whole history. To practice, take a picture and ask yourself all the possible questions: what does it represent? When was the photo taken? Or? By who? Why? Who is this person in the photo? Why does she have this expression rather than another? Why is she dressed like this? Why does she hold a book in her hand? What is this book? What hidden message does it want to convey to us? Do the same with your subject. Develop the plot, the stakes, the connections between the characters. Make sure they are credible, always. The action is happening in a particular city? Detail the places. If you live there, get out of the decor. Otherwise, Google Earth is great for that. Readers who live in the city where the plot takes place will appreciate recognizing the places. If your world is whimsical: take the time to describe it, to imagine its history, its culture (s), its constraints, etc. Before writing a book, I spent a great deal of time working, over several years, on the world in which the plot unfolds. The more coherent it is, the more one will believe.