New Construction Install

Installing Aeratis in a new construction application is a snap.

First: Make sure, before framing, you allow for the proper slope. We recommend 1/4″ per foot to help wind blown rain run off the porch and not pond.

Second: Install all joists at 16″ on center

Third: Make sure you have proper supports under your structural columns or posts.

Forth: Choose your favorite flooring installation tool (pneumatic nailer, pneumatic flooring stapler or screw gun).  If you are using a nailer, use stainless steel L or T head nails. If you are using flooring stapler, use 2″  1/2″crown 15 1/2 gauge  stainless steel flooring staples and if you are using screws, use GRK #8 x 2″ stainless steel or coated trim-head composite screws. Fasten Aeratis to the joist.  Keep in mind, if you damage the tongue when installing with a screw gun, your angle is too steep. Lower the head of the screw slightly and keep going.  Add the trim to finish it off.

Finally: Remove protective film and enjoy your beautiful new porch.

Aeratis installs with the same tools and methods as the wood flooring you are used to installing, with out the maintenance.  Make sure you fully read the installation instructions before installing.

Please see our Porch Pro website for tips and suggestions that will help you save time and money.