Aeratis Tongue & Groove Porch Flooring Installation

Aeratis Tongue & Groove Porch Flooring Installation

If you have ever installed a wood T&G porch floor, you would know, this is no walk in the park.  With the variation of thickness of the tongue and if there is any debris in the groove, it can really add to the installation time.  It’s quite a challenge, mainly because of all the imperfections in the wood planks. Many boards come warped, cupped and twisted, not to mention the number of tongues that split or worse, the top part of the grooves that are busted.

How many times have you installed a board and you notice after 2 or 3 more boards are laid, that it has a knot in the middle of the floor and needs to be taken back up?

Now, the wood treaters are not just asking you to prime all 6 sides, they are asking you to brush some primer in the joint while you are installing the wood flooring. In addition to a thousand suggestions, many T&G wood products ship with a warning and a disclaimer.

Imagine for a moment a porch install where every board fits together perfectly. Imagine not having to prime or paint. Imagine installing over 560 boards in less than 4 hours, all without knots or imperfections.  This is an Aeratis install. None of the hassles or extra steps that are required with wood.  Just install the boards using your favorite method then remove the protective film and you’re done (Classic and Heritage lines).

With Aeratis Traditions you follow the same installation method as Aeratis Classic, except, once you remove the protective film, clean the surface and lastly, simply roll or brush paint on the surface ONLY, no priming. You only paint the surface after you have completed the installation. Once you install Aeratis Traditions and see the time and labor-savings first hand, you will see why we say Traditions is competitively priced to wood. The difference is, Aeratis comes with a 20-year warranty.  Now does wood do that?