With the Aeratis Custom Shutters In-a-Box, the shutters can be assembled and painted today and installed tomorrow. No waiting, no guess work… just performance without the waiting. Don’t make the costly mistake of waiting on custom wood shutters. There is no need… you can get any size s hutter today at a local retailer that stocks or supplies the Aeratis Custom Shutters In-a-Box product line.


Adding the wrong product or type of products can diminish the curb appeal of your property and hurt the return on investment. Adding operable, proportional exterior shutters can have a great impact on value without having to complete a major renovation. Costing less than wood shutters and being more reliable than plastic bolt-ons, shutters are a cost effective way to add value to a property.


For over a decade, Aeratis has been making North Americas’ best performing porch products, offering the only industry warranty against thermal expansion and contraction. Aeratis custom PVC exterior shutters are warrantied against buckling, cupping, and warping. Don’t waste your time or money with unreliable prodcuts and get Aeratis quality to last a lifetime.

Historically Accurate

In the early 1800’s custom made operable shutters were beefier and more robust. Shutters were used to protect openings or create privacy. Historically, the best of the wood species were available in just about any size or dimension. With today’s limited wood sizes and quality, the lack of quality materials has forced many wood shutter manufactures to compromise on size and quality.

With the Aeratis Custom Shutters In-a-Box system each component is extruded to match the exact size of shutters in the early 1800’s. Many companies refer to these sized shutters as their “Architectural” line of products. Typically, these shutters are more expensive. With the Aeratis Custom Shutters In-a-Box system, other’s “Architectural” shutters are our standard shutters. There is no need to reduce the size, quality or the architectural integrity of the shutters, especially when it is 1/3 of the cost of a wood shutter and it include stainless steel hardware and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Custom Shutters in 6 Cuts

The Aeratis Custom Shutters In-a-Box system was engineered to provide historically accurate, operable shutters without the lead-time and with minimum assembly requirements. With just 6 cuts on a miter saw, an Aeratis Shutter can be cut down to fit any window. There are no special blades needed, just mark and cut.

It is best practice to cut all the rails with one cut. Then cut all the stiles and then wrap up the cutting by trimming the louvers to the prefect size. Another key benefit of this engineered system is, when cutting the stiles; only the top of the stile should be cut. Notice the large area without mortise holes on the stiles. This is where the bottom rail will be installed. Once you have cut all the items, it is very quick and easy to assemble the custom shutters.


Installing shutters that are too narrow or too short shows every passer-by that cheep shutters were selected and installed. This simple mistake can cost thousands of dollars if a property sale is intended. With the Aeratis Custom Shutters In-a-Box system the choice is available. Leave the shutters open or shut them; preserve the architectural integrity of the property or don’t. To compromise the integrity, is to compromise the aesthetic value and curb appeal of the property.

Simple Assembly

Once all your shutter components are cut to the right size, assembly is a snap. The mortise and stiles are the perfect size to slide the louver into. During the assembly, note where your mid-rail should be located to best match up with the window it will be installed over. With the way the Aeratis Custom Shutters In-a-Box system was designed, the mid-rail covers exactly two mortise holes. This allows for maximum flexibility for mid-rail placement.

Once all the lovers are in place, place the rails into place. (Note: Do not put louvers in the top two mortise holes, this is where the top rail will be installed.) Notice the size of the bottom rail. It is larger than the other two rails. Also, the mid-rail does not have a completely flat surface on the top or the bottom. Once the rails are in place it is best practice to add a clamp to hold everything in place. Next pre-drill in from the stiles into the rails. Add a little construction adhesive and then use the 4-1/4” Stainless steel screws provided to secure the stiles to the rails. When all screws are in place simply remove all the clamps and you are ready to paint your Aeratis Custom Shutter.

We offer a complete library of videos to help with the installation, cutting and
assembly of all Aeratis products.


Assembly of your pair of Custom Shutters should take less than 30 minutes for the pair. Due to how this system is engineered, it saves TIME and MONEY not to mention these shutters will out-perform wood, plastic bolt to the wall shutters and aluminum. This system offers the best quality, lowest cost and they are available to purchase and install TODAY.

Aeratis Custom Shutters