Azek* Correct Porch** Exotic Wood Aeratis
Approved for National Register and National Landmark projects x x
Approved for commercial and government funded projects x x
Made from over 90% exterior grade PVC x x
ADA (American Disability Association) slip compliant x
MOR exceeds 3,100 lbs x
MOE exceeds 370,000 lbs x
CLASS “A” fire rated x
Can be painted any color while maintaining the FULL warranty x
Water absorption rate less than 1.3% (ASTM 570) x
Delivers with a protective film to protect finish surface x
Can be installed with a pneumatic flooring stapler x
Can be installed with a pneumatic floor nailer x x
Contains organic materials x x x x
Can be routed to a finished edge x x x
Is 7/8 nominal (for retro installs) x x x
For covered and uncovered porch applications x x x
Solid non-foamed structure x x x
Spacer bead for easy installation x x
Architecturally correct profile x x
Low to no annual maintenance x x x
Can use rubber backed mats (used to clean your feet before entering) x x
Mold cannot live within the structure or on the ends of the product x
* Azek is © 2009 AZEK Building Products, Inc.
** Correct Porch © 2009 GAF Decking Systems, LLC. All rights reserved.