Columbia Parc is a sprawling, master-planned community right in the heart of the Bayou District in charming New Orleans. It only stands to reason that such a community would have covered and uncovered porches and balconies of varying sizes as a key architectural element, consistent with the carefully crafted sense of community in this new urban development. But how does such a carefully planned and managed property choose a reliable and aesthetically appealing porch flooring product for all of its residences? With research and testing, of course.

After gathering extensive research about all the porch flooring products on the market, and studying in-depth all the data they could get their hands on, they decided to conduct a few tests of their own… Having built several ‘test porches’, with all the various porch products on the market, they went to work to find out which products would best withstand the rigors of a lively community in a challenging climate, in multiple porch applications.

The winner was clearly Aeratis. Its aesthetically appealing design, durability and performance track-record made it the obvious choice for the several hundreds of porch balconies through-out the development.