Aeratis Fire resistant PVC Porch Flooring proved to be far superior to all other products in its category, and is the only one that is Class A Fire Rated.


Anyone in the market for new porch flooring might want to consider the latest performance results. After extensive testing, Aeratis PVC Porch Flooring proved to be far superior to all other products in its category, and is the only one that carries a Class A Fire Rating (the highest fire rating possible in the ASTM E84 category), an important consideration for any covered or uncovered porch flooring application.

According to Chris Tidwell, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Building Products International, the Arizona based company producing Aeratis Porch Flooring, this exclusive rating and product performance came as no surprise.

“When fire rips though a residential area, it’s usually sparks landing on the roof or porch that causes a house to catch on fire. In addition, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, gas grills are involved in over 400 house fires each year. So why would anyone build a porch floor out of a combustible material when there is a viable fire resistant alternative available?”

Tidwell points also out that Aeratis products stand up to the scrutiny of the most discerning traditional architects, builders, and consumers, because they combine virgin PVC with organic and inorganic materials to produce aesthetically pleasing tongue-and-groove planks that out perform wood or other composite materials.

“Basically, Aeratis is the closest emulation of wood available and it won’t burst into flames. This means Aeratis porch flooring offers consumers the best of both worlds – the look and feel of wood with the highest fire rating and strongest product performance.”

Aeratis porch flooring and trim is designed to look like the traditional wood products it meant to replace. It offers the workability of wood and is easily installed using the same methods and techniques as traditional materials. “Each product is designed to help maintain the look of the traditional American porch heritage,” said Tidwell.

Additionally Aeratis porch flooring has the strongest MOR (modulus of rupture) rating, exceeding 3100. The MOR measures the maximum surface stress in a bent beam at the instant of failure. Aeratis also had the strongest MOE (modulus of elasticity) of more than 370,000. This rating is the mathematical description of an object or substance’s tendency to be deformed elastically when a force is applied to it.

Aeratis porch flooring is available in Weathered Wood, White Cedar or Redwood/Mahogany. It is 7/8″ perfect thickness for replacing existing porch flooring and it has a traditional exposure of 3-1/8″. The standard lengths are 10′, 12′, and 16′.

“We’re very proud to not only be ADA compliant but to be able offer a product that is at the top of the class in all the testing standards for exterior flooring,” said Tidwell.

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