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For centuries the American Front Porch has greeted guests, provided comfortable space for family gatherings and have added an element of warmth and sophistication to our living space. Since 2004 the demand for these type spaces have been on the rise. in 2013 the USA Census Bureau reported at 76% of all new family homes had a porch vs an uncovered deck.2015 NAHB study lists the FRONT PORCH the most desirable exterior architectural feature on a new single family home (See Article here).  With this increase in demand comes significant challenges for designers, contractors and property owners. Toping the list of challenges that face exterior living space, is the materials used for the flooring. More…

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Walking onto a porch is the first physical contact a person has with a home, and can be a powerful moment in determining overall impressions. Check out these Aeratis porch photos and imagine how the quality of Aeratis PVC tongue and groove flooring will look combined with your drawings.

With the demand for porches on the rise, architects and homeowners alike are searching for a solution to the common problems of wood tongue and groove, including: termites, buckling, rotting, and peeling paint. With Aeratis, these problems are non-existent.

  Aeratis is the ONLY waterproof solution.

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One feature that makes Aeratis products unique over all other competitors in the exterior living space category is their performance in both waterproof and watertight applications.

Historic Traditional Design

Historic Traditional Design

Whether you are restoring a 150-year-old Italianate or building new to match the character and charm from an earlier period, Aeratis is the only product that will give you the look and feel of an authentic traditional porch floor without sacrificing form for function. Don’t compromise the architectural integrity of your home by putting deck boards on the front porch. Learn why Aeratis will increase the value of your home by giving it greater curb appeal and character … READ MORE >>

Rewards for Planned Communities

Homeowners associations of these planned New Urban developments or traditional neighborhoods where porches are common throughout the community, may be eligible for free porch replacements and large rebates back for the community association. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us today.

Oak Alley Plantation

Oak Alley Plantation

Learn Why Oak Alley Plantation, a National Historic Register landmark in New Orleans, Louisiana petitioned the State of Louisiana Historical Commission to approve Aeratis for their project, and why Aeratis was approved statewide on all historic restorations…