20 Year Warranty Form

Below, we have provided an electronic warranty submission form. Once you have completed this form, you must mail a copy of your confirmation email with a copy of your invoice to complete your submission. If you do not receive a copy of the email confirmation, please check your spam folder or your junk mail folder. If you have any issues with the form, please contact us at: 888-676-2683.

If you would rather download, print and mail in your form, you can download a copy here.


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    Type of Installation

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    Installation Details - Framing

    Aeratis was installed over a joist system that is 16" on center or less (required)


    Additional blocking or supports were added under the columns(if columns or posts are used)? (required)


    Framing is sloped AWAY from the house (1/4" per foot recommended to promote runoff)? (required)


    Which direction is the framing running on your porch? (required)


    Please know that if you are installing the boards PARALLEL to the structure and your install has butt joints, it is required to acclimate the product 24-48 hours prior to installation (SEE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS). It is also required to glue and screw the butt joints.


    Fastening Method

    What was the fastening method used? (required)



    Did you use a recommended paint (if you decided to paint your porch, Traditions must be painted to receive a 20 year warranty.)



    Size of your Porch

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    Porch Width
    Porch Depth


    Your Opinion Counts (please help us improve our service)

    Which of the following played a roll in you choosing Aeratis?

    QualityHistoric AccuracyPerformanceAppearanceAvailabilityCostLow MaintenanceAeratis Staff MemberOverall ValueContractor RecommendedDealer RecommendedTired of maintaining WoodTired of cracked Concrete

    How did you hear about Aeratis?

    How did Aeratis compare in price to comparable alternatives?

    How long did it take for Aeratis to be delivered once you placed your order?

    Please scan and upload your invoice here;



    I understand that the information I provided is true to the best of my knowledge and any false information provide could result in my warranty being void.


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    We care greatly about your experience with our products and strive to provide the best product solutions for our
    customers. We greatly appreciate and value your input and thank you for taking the time to fill out this information. Your last step is to mail a copy of your invoice and a printed copy of the email confirmation you WILL receive upon your submission of this form (if you do not receive the confirmation, please check your spam folder before calling). If there is a problem with your installation, someone will contact you right away.


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